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Roots and All  - Jeff Zolitor
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NEW SHOW ALERT - TUESDAY THURSDAY 3:40!!! Memorial Day is about over and we are kicking off the Summer with a great new Radio Show "Roots and All" Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:40.

WSOV is excited to Welcome to Jeff Zolitor and “Roots and All.” Jeff has been the host his weekly radio show “Roots and All” for over 5 years.


The show features an eclectic mix of music with an emphasis on folk music, and the roots and branches of folk music, which lead to many genres. Jeff’s show consists of live and recorded interviews as well.

Jeff is no stranger to the Central Pennsylvania Music scene. As a frequent visitor over the years to our Susquehanna Watershed Jeff has become acquainted with many of our talented local musicians. This Appalachian connection has a strong influence on his musical taste.

For Jeff creating a show requires many hours of preparation, not the least of which, is what he would like to communicate to the listeners. Sometimes there are specific themes, sometimes it’s an introduction to new music, sometimes a review of some musical experience, but the attempt is to communicate something worthwhile as part of every show.


The world is sometimes a turbulent place. Music has the ability to incite, inspire, comfort and entertain. Jeff believes it’s important to bring those attributes to his community through music.

We welcome Jeff to WSOV and hope he likes his new musical home in Penns Valley. Feel free to welcome Jeff in the Comments below.

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