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On-Air Shows

Music Mixes

Whenever there is no regular scheduled host we create Music Mixes for your listening enjoyment.


Smitty's Pics

Hosterman and Stover' Hardware's Troy Smith presents his favorite tunes.  Best to hear it live at the store. 

7am-8am Every Day!


Music Mixes

Whenever there is no regular scheduled host we create Music Mixes for your listening enjoyment.

Check the SCHEDULE for times!

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Country To Work By

Traditional Country Tunes - Perfect DIYer Saturday Morning Country Music to work by.  Got an Old Country favorite?  Contact us. 

Saturdays @ 10am!


Bill Smedley's Old Time Music Hour

Bill Smedley's Old Time Music Hour.  Interviews, live performances, recordings and awesome Old Timey Stories.  A must listen for any Old Time or Folk enthusiast.

Archived Shows

Recent Playlists 

Archived episodes M-F 10am-11am

New episodes every Sat. @ 10am!

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Lunch With The Locals

Its' High Noon at WSOV and we are firing out a great line-up of "local's only" music.   Penns Valley is blessed with top notch home grown Blues, Rock, Folk, Country, Old Time, Jazz and choral music.  Time for you to hear it. 



Late Night Jazz

WSOV's own Larry Wolken creates this cool block of Jazz to help you sooth and smooth thru the night. Listen in after midnight.  It is a cool swinging block party every week.

Every night @ 10pm!


Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

Old Time Mystery Radio Theater. Insurance Investigator Johnny Dollar (acted by Bob Baily) always solves the case. Great to listen to while working. 

Sun-Fri @ 9pm!


Music Of The World

Vinny Searfoss's curated selections of Music of the World is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Every morning @ 2:30am-5:30am!

Roots and All-worked.jpg

Roots and All

Join host Jeff Zolitor as he tells a tale each show with a mix of American Roots and other genres mixed in.  Truly is:  Roots and All. 


Sun-Tue-Thu 3:30pm-5:30pm!


Richard Diamond, Private Detective

Richard Diamond, Private Detective is an American detective comedy-drama, created by Blake Edwards, starring Dick Powell.

Coming Soon!!


The Sunday Show

Join us Sunday mornings at 10:30 for a uplifing mix of Gospel, Spiritual and Feel Good Music.

Every Sunday @ 10:30am!


Roots To Rock

Host Bryan Grove plays the roots and the rock that it informs and inspires. Find out from where your favorite music sprouts!

Mon-Wed-Fri @ 3:30pm!

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